ssl vpn disconnect timeout

I have what i thought was a fairly simple question:
I'd like sslvpn users to have to be disconnected and have to reconnect after a certain period of time..from what i can tell, the connection stays active forever. I did some research and went down several rabbit holes that didn't take me where i needed to go. I have several models of fireboxes, and use the sslvpn that connects to AD on almost all.

I'd be happy to read if pointed in the right direction.

thanks in advance,


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    The SSLVPN sends keep-alive packets so there is no real timeout option here.
    Not sure if you set an authentication max session time in AD if that would apply to a SSLVPN session.

    If you want SSLVPN to not be available at certain hours, then you can set a Schedule on the WatchGuard SSLVPN policy.

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    Understood. Thanks.

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