Support for OpenID Connect

I've been using AuthPoint with Azure Active Directory and it's working very well.
Recently I wanted to enable external authentication for ConnectWise SSO but found it only supports OpenID Connect which AuthPoint doesn't support.

So I wasn't able to make ConnectWise SSO work directly with AuthPoint.

As a work around I was able to make ConnectWise SSO use Azure Active Directory for external authentication, it works but its a bit convoluted.

The flow is like this, user navigates to ConnectWise SSO (from another ConnectWise product) > enter username > then redirect to Azure Active Directory > enter user name a 2nd time > then redirect to WatchGuard AuthPoint > enter user name a 3rd time > then authenticate and redirect back to AAD then redirect back to ConnectWise SSO.

Would be great if support for OpenID Connect could be added.

Also a side not, would be great if AuthPoint was able to somehow pickup the username when being redirected during SP initiated sign on, so that we only had to enter the username once. (e.g already populated on the AuthPoint login page), not sure if thats possible though, just a thought.


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