Where is Dimension Command?

I have Dimension Command in my keys. I take the cluster out of management from WSM. I run the wizard to add the cluster to Dimension management. Now how do I manage anything?

I cannot find anywhere in the Dimension interface to manage my cluster.

What am I missing here?


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    I could not find any way to manage a cluster once it was set to be managed by Dimension. So I tried to switch the cluster back to WSM but got this error:
    (which this chat will not let me attach).

    Mumble mumble Error Line 36466 Duplicate key-sequence TCP-UDP.1 in key Identity-Constraint Alarm-Action-Name

    Now the only way I have to manage the cluster is individual fireboxes 1 at a time direct from the Web interface. Not ideal.

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    Thanks Bruce, but I don't see that as particularly useful. Maybe it's just me, but I have always found the WSM with the Policy manager etc. much easier to use and more fully featured) than the clunky, slow Web UI. If a link to open the Web UI is all I get from Dimension, I'd rather move management back into WSM instead. Assuming I can find some way to make that duplicate key error go away so I can get them back into WSM.

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    One of the things I depend on from WSM is version control and backups. I suppose if one of my network admins is logged into Dimension, I can see who did what from the history? I suppose that's something.

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    From WSM Policy Manager, you can change a firewall from Dimension managed WSM Server managed.
    Setup -> Managed Device Settings
    Manage Device With: Management Server

    As I prefer WSM Server managed, and I am not a fan of using the Web UI for most firewall management tasks, I have Manage Device With: Management Server as my choice.

    It has been a while since I last tried Dimension managed, so I don't recall that Dimension managed prevented one from using WSM Policy Manager to manage a firewall - but for sure WSC does not get updates when a firewall is Dimension managed.

    With Dimension managed, you do get version backups.

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