Stumped - FB not letting this stream work, even with an ANY ANY rule - ustream.tv

I am stumped on this one, can anyone advise on why a FB would not let a site work even when I added an any/any rule on top of the policy order to test with? Fails on any pc, any browser here. The stream needs Flash (yuck) which I have loaded...and the site works outside of the FB direct to the router. Fails on any site that uses ustream, which is run by IBM Watson.



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    I set *.ustream.tv to Allow in my HTTPS proxy action, so this site in not Inspected.
    Works for me.
    Seeing the Earth go by.

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    I had the any/any rule up top which should have let it all thru before it hits my HTTPS proxy. I added *.ustream.tv to my https proxy and it still it not working.

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