SSL-VPN - issue

I have a user that apparently selected no the first time he connected to get the certificate from the firebox. I assume uninstalling all of the SSL-VPN components and reinstalling will make it ask again? I uninstalled and removed the watchguard folder from \users\\appdata\Watchguard but the information re-populated when I reinstalled it. W
My question is where else does the information get stored so I can start over with this user?


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    Are you not using a public RootCA signed cert for your Firebox?

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    edited April 2020

    The user said they saw a prompt to download on first run but they clicked no by mistake. Now it won't let them connect.

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    If you use a public cert, you won't have that prompt, but because you did get it, you likely have a self-signed cert, or you have an obscure public one that is not recognized. Have your user go to the SSLVPN web page. That MAY prompt for the same cert.

    Gregg Hill

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative
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    If the customer clicked no, they should be asked again when they try to connect again.

    Failing all of that, if you look in
    C:\Users-user name-\AppData\Roaming\WatchGuard\
    and erase the "Mobile VPN" folder
    That will erase any cached profile information and should allow them to essentially start fresh.
    *Note that you must exit the VPN client before doing this, or you won't be able to erase that folder.
    *AppData is a hidden folder. You have to type it in, or be showing hidden folders in windows to see it.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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