Configuration file from T15 to T35

We have a T15 which has a 3rd party vendor specific VPN connection as well as a multitude of firewall policies created by them and are upgrading to a T35. We will need all those settings in the new Firebox. The configuration file fails, so I'm guessing the jump is too great. I know I did this between a T10 and the T15. Is there a utility that will convert the file and allow it to then be imported to the T35?
Thank you.


  • You just need to change the feature key and the system type. You MAY need to change the OS Compatibility depending upon the firmware on the T10 vs. T15.

    What do you mean by "The configuration file fails"?

    I have done MANY imports of old config into new Fireboxes, some with small leaps, some with multi-version leaps.

    Gregg Hill

  • Thanks for the reply.
    I get an "Restore failed: 400 Error line 4527:Element 'warn-message': This element is not expected.
    Initially, I was using the file I exported from the T10 (which imported fine to the T15), so I tried exporting from the T15 and importing into the T35 and got the same message.

  • I realized the T35 actually had a much older OS than my T15 did, so I just upgraded. The error message has now changed to:
    Restore Failed.: 400 You must configure exactly 5 physical interfaces for model T35-W.

  • Are you doing this with WSM Policy Manager?
    If not, do so.

  • Sorry, I'm new to Watchguard; I see nothing called WSM Policy Manager. But I'm confused that the new error doesn't seem to pull up when searching "ou must configure exactly 5 physical interfaces" in here or Google. Seems like a pretty specific error message.

  • WSM = Watchguard System Manager. One component of WSM is Policy Manager.
    This is a Windows application.

    Review this:
    Move a Configuration to a New Firebox

  • I forgot about the different interface count. A T15 has three total, while a T35 has five interfaces. Import the config from the T15, remove the feature key and put in the T35 key, change OS Compatibility if needed, modify your interfaces as needed, then save the config to the T35.

    Gregg Hill

  • using WSM Policy Manager

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