Does anyone know of a way to lengthen the DHCP lease for L2TP connections, make them sticky or offload them to a different DHCP server?
Now we are supporting a lot of machines remotely the constant address changes are a pain.


WatchGuard M4600 (x2 Cluster)
WatchGuard M640 (x2 Cluster)
Firmware : 12.8


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    IP addr assignments for VPN clients have always been random.
    The only way to get a static IP addr for a client is to use IPSec, and create a unique group for each user, and give that group connection info to the specific user

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    Same issue with ssl vpn and it's very annoying that the lease time can't be changed. If users are going to be working remotely more often, may need a new vpn solution. I hope watchguard has this in their roadmap.

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