Upgraded Management Server and M370, now there is a Maintenance Alert

I installed 12.5.3 management server last week and all was good with my existing boxes. Today I upgraded my M370 to 12.5.3 and I'm getting the Maintenance Alert "This device is running a newer version of Fireware OS that is not supported by this management server. You must upgrade your Management Server to a version that supports Fireware OS v12.5.3." Everything appears to be working correctly.

I confirmed the server is running Watchguard Server Center Version 12.5.3-B616393. I've rebooted the server, re-ran a fresh 12.5.3 WSM install (checksum is correct) and stopped/started the Management Server. The message still continues.

On the WSM, Installed OS versions, I see v12.5.3 build 616762 and the status report in FSM confirms that this is what's running on the M370 (Version : 12.5.3.B616762).

Is the difference in build numbers (server:616393, firebox:616762) causing this warning?

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    A reboot of the FB (which I wanted to avoid) and the workstation running FSM seemed to correct the problem.

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