no admin password - backup and restore possible?

We have inherited management of a Firebox T30 but only have only been handed access details for the default 'status' user and not the admin.

I can export the xml backups on the box and so wondered if doing this, followed by a restore (or factory reset?) would reset the user access accounts? or does it preserve these? Ideally we want to keep the firewall policy rules and VPN configurations if possible to avoid completely starting again.

If not, are there any other options we have?


  • You can save the config to disk using WSM Policy Manager which uses the Status password for access.
    Then factory default the firewall, and run the QuickSetup Wizard, which will create a new default config and allow you to specify a new Status and Admin password & user IDs for each.
    Then you can reload the saved config using WSM Policy Manager and save it to the firewall using the new admin userid/password

  • Perfect, thanks Bruce. Does the config backup literally save everything on the box apart from the accounts to it or is there likely to be anything I'll need to reconfigure? e.g. like VPN access?

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    Yes - everything except for the access user IDs & passwords, and the firmware.
    There will be 2 files that are saved - .xml and a -lic.tgz file.
    The .xml file is the config, the -lic.tgz file is the LiveSecurity license info.

  • Excellent, thanks for your help!

  • I am not certain, but it may not transfer added certificates.

    Gregg Hill

  • I agree, probably not.

  • Bruce,

    I am almost certain of it, but I wouldn't bet my wife's life on it!

    Shhh, don't tell her I said that!

    Gregg Hill

  • I won’t tell
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