I installed the Logon App and now I can't login to the computer.

BrianLBrianL WatchGuard Representative

There are a few reasons the logon app may not be working after install. Double-check that you have configured an access policy for the logon app resource in your Authpoint group.

The logon app requires the wlconfig.cfg file to function (which you download from the logon app resource in Authpoint), after install this should be located at C:\Windows\System32\wlconfig.cfg. The logon app will not stop you from logging into the computer remotely using SMB file sharing or Powershell, which can allow you to check for the wlconfig file even if you can't login directly and insert a good copy if necessary.

As a last resort you can boot the computer into safe mode which does not allow the logon app to present our login screen, so you can login normally and uninstall it.

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