NSlookup over SSL VPN

I have an issue with VPN over SSL.
nslookup does not find any pc's on the internal network unless I use the FQDN, but I can ping then by name
ie ping pc99 works nslookup pc99 does not but nslookup pc99.domain does

In the setup for the VPN I have the domain name, DNS & WINS server setup which I thought would be enought for nslookup to work, but I have discovered that if I put the domain name into the IP setting for the SSL TAP adapter it works.

Is this normal behaviour or have I missed something in the SSL VPN setup?


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    Works for me with the new V12.5.3 version of the SSLVPN client.
    In an ipconfig /all I see the Connection-specific DNS Suffix with the value I have set for the Domain name in the SSLVPN setup in XTM

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    I'm on 12.5.2 firebox and 12.2 SSLVPN client and it works for me as well. I am tunneling all traffic (not split-tunnel)

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    I have the same issue with VPN over IKEv2. ipconfig /all shows the correct Connection-specific DNS Suffix.
    M370 v12.5.3

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    When you ping the computer name withOUT the domain name, does it show it's pinging the computer name with the domain name?

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    Yes. If I ping just the computer's host name dc1-19, it shows it's pinging the computers FQDN dc1-19.somedomain.com. If I nslookup the host name dc1-19, it displays the message can't find dc1-19: Server failed.

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