M370 Mobile SSLVPN Auth Issue - after 12 users connected

Hi all,

So a weird one. I have a M370 and SSL-VPN works fine, until we get to lucky user number 13.. The first 12 users connect fine and have no difficulties at all. After that, any additional people that try to connect get an auth-failure. Anyone have any ideas? we have 150 licenses so that should not be an issue. We are using AD as the auth server. Any thoughts? OS is 12.2.B568630 - yes I know I need to update. Is this maybe a known issue for this version? Thanks in advance

Wayne Campbell
ps. Been a long time since I have been here and this is the first time I have seen this new "community". Gonna miss the old forums..


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    V12.5.3 just came out yesterday.
    Consider upgrading to it soon.
    It does fix several SSLVPN issues.

    I don't recall anyone else having this exact issue and I don't see anything in the later Release Notes specifically for this issue.

    You can do Diagnostic Logging on Authentication, which may show something to help.
    . Policy Manager: Setup -> Logging -> Diagnostic Log Level -> Authentication
    . Web UI: System -> Diagnostic Log
    Set the slider to Information or higher

    Otherwise, consider opening a support incident.

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    Thanks Bruce.. I got it sorted. I'm just gonna blame my old eyes for not seeing it sooner. lol

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    And the resolution was?

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