no more local network / vpn - when using watchguard vpn client on iMAC MacOS


T50 in Headquarter with basic security with latest firmware
AVM Fritzbox in the Home-Office
iMAC with Catalina
latest WG SSL Firebox Client
latest Tunnelblick OPEN VPN Client

customer reported:

If he cancel VPN on his iacm, the whole local internet is offline of this iMAC. (if ping to his local gateway is still working I dunno)

He needs to restart his entire iMAC. Sorry - I have no Log infos atm. The situation is reproductive.

VPN SSL to headquarter is allowing local internet while connected via VPN.
He has no 3rd Party personal firewall software.
Watchguard has Basic Security Licence, no TDR
He was using it very seldom, we don´t know if the problem is new.

If he reconnect vpn-ssl manually, Watchguard Client or Tunnelblick both "show" connected, but whole local internet and VPN destinations aren´t reachable.
If local home-office-router-gateway is reachable I dont know.

Suggest for next step:

collect log and provide to watchguard support?


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    Sounds like the best thing to do.

    What XTM version are you running?
    V12.5.3 is just out.
    There is a new SSLVPN client for both Windows & Mac - just out - 12.5.3
    Worth a try.

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