SSL VPN issue

Hi all, i have 20 users remotely connected to my company through WG mobile vpn with ssl (version 12.5.2).
15 users works without problem, but 5 after vpn connection have in the "tap" ethernet connection "unidentified network" instead my domain name, and this users can ping and reach internal resources by ip but not by dns name.
The 20 users have the same configuration, someone can help me?

Thanks in advantage


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    What Firewall model do you have?
  • M370

  • You should have 75 concurrent VPN user capability.

    You can turn on diagnostic logging for SSLVPN which may show something to help:
    In WSM Policy Manager: Setup -> Logging -> Diagnostic Log Level -> VPN -> SSL
    In the Web UI: System -> Diagnostic Log
    Set the slider to Information or higher

    And, consider opening a support incident on this to get help from WG on resolving this.

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