Office 365 MFA being blocked

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I've recently disabled the Outgoing policy and now our Office 365 MFA approval notifications are being blocked if the mobile devices with the Microsoft Authentication app is connected to the Wi-Fi. If the mobile devices is using the mobile data/4G network it works fine.

If I enable the Outgoing policy if works fine again, so it definitely something to do with the Outgoing policy that is blocking it, even though in traffic monitor I can see it being Allowed through the default HTTPS Proxy.

Does anybody know whats blocking this or what the recommended setting are?
FW v12.5.2.B609628

Many thanks.


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    See the reply to your post on this topic on Spiceworks.

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    @Bruce_Briggs said:
    See the reply to your post on this topic on Spiceworks.

    Is that you who has replied on Spiceworks Bruce?

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    Bojan Zajc replied, and he usually gives excellent answers.

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    I had a helpful post on Spiceworks that pointed me in the right direction to fixing this.
    Here's what I did:
    Edit HTTPS-Proxy > Edit Proxy action > WebBlocker > Edit Proxy action > HTTP Proxy Exceptions > add *.msauth.net

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