Active Directory + RADIUS (same domain)

Does anyone have any recommendations on how (if it's even possible) to configure both Active Directory authentication and RADIUS for the same domain?

I currently have AD auth enabled, but i'm looking to experiment with IKEv2 VPN, which requires RADIUS to be enabled. I already have a server running NPS on the domain for WPA2-EAP clients, however, when attempting to configure RADIUS as an auth server, because it uses the same domain name as active directory, it won't let configuration continue.

Any thoughts would be appreciated :)


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    What XTM version are you running ?
    Try RADIUS as the RADIUS AD name.

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    You'd think after years of reading the watchguard boards, i'd remember to include the device and XTM version with questions :D

    12.5.2 on an M270 - I did read in the documentation that upgraded versions of previous build configurations would default to RADIUS as the domain name, but was not sure that not using the explicit domain name would cause issues. (from my limited experience configuring RADIUS, it's a touchy beast)

    Thanks Bruce, I'll give it a go, and see how it swings :)

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