Dimension and SSL VPN logging

I have more than 40 users logging in remotely with SSL VPN. We would like to track their activity such as time log in, time log out and data used all day. Run daily a report at 4 AM. Is this possible with M200 and Dimension?


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    Not in Dimension.
    The Dimension scheduled reports are not designed for this type of reporting.

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    This would be a very helpful report. Checkout the feature enhancement's and create one if one doesn't already exist.

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    RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative

    Check out the Device / Authentication report. Try setting quotas to get data used. Setup a daily Managed Task for the Firebox / User Authentication report.

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    Note that the Firebox / User Authentication report will include all user authentications, not just those for a selected VPN client type.

    From the docs:
    Summary of all users who successfully authenticated to the device. Includes the login time, logout time, duration, and connection method. If bandwidth and time quotas are enabled on your Firebox, the quota usage details also appear for each user.

    To include this report in a schedule, select the Firebox Reports > User Authentication report.


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    edited March 2020

    How to enable bandwidth and time quotas? regarding ssl vpn traffic.
    I have a ssl vpn user group, can set a quota action for this group and set it to the rdp policy applied to the group. Then I'll have a report of authentications per user with quotas. Am I wrong?

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Francesco

    You can set quotas on the allow sslvpn-Users policy just like any other policy. However, I would suggest testing that on a subset of users first, as hitting a quota limit will literally cut VPN'ed users off from doing work via the VPN when they reach their limit.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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