Malware blocked


M400 v12.3.1

We received a blocked malware "Trojan.GenericKD.33018871" how do we check where did it come from or what internal/external ip address



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    If this was blocked by your firewall, then your firewall logs will show the source of it.
    Are you logging to Dimension, WSM Log Server or Watchguard Cloud ?
    If so, look there.
    The log message ID should be 1CFF000E or 1CFF-000E with a reason of "GAV Virus found"

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    Ok, will check. Thanks again Bruce!

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    Forgot to ask on the last message. How do you know the message ID codes? is there a reference table?

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    Yes - look on the Documents page
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    Log Catalog
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    Many thanks again Bruce!

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