SSLVPN client inactivity timeout

Does anyone know if there is a way to timeout an SSLVPN session due to client inactivity? As I understand it, the SSLVPN is designed to stay up (good thing) and it does as long as the remote computer is running. Specifically, we are looking at meeting PCI DSS 12.3.8 "Automatic disconnect of sessions for remote-access technologies after a specific period of inactivity"

My only thought is enforcing inactivity setting on the remote OS so it hibernates/sleeps and the SSLVPN session would then time out. Running XTM370, OS 12.5.1, AuthPoint


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    I have never found a way to limit SSLVPN sessions automatically in XTM.

    Try unselecting the SSLVPN Authentication setting of "Auto reconnect after a connection is lost" and see if that helps.
    Also consider selecting "Force users to authenticate after a connection is lost".
    Let us know if either of these help or hurt.

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    Thanks Bruce, I suspect that is the best we can do on the WatchGuard side of things.

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