Documentation Error: Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials Study Guide

The link entitled, "Firebox Integration with AuthPoint", on the last line of page 19 is broken. It needs to be replaced with or with three links to the Firebox Integration Guides namely: (for Firebox Mobile VPN with SSL Integration with AuthPoint) (for Firebox Mobile VPN with IPSec Integration with AuthPoint) (for Firebox Access Portal Integration with AuthPoint)

Adrian from Australia


  • FYI - the WG Documentation team will be working on getting this updated.
    via a private discussion....

    Thanks Adrian for posting about this.
    Hope that the fires are out now there.
    Not hearing about them where I am in the US now.
    Very sad...

  • It's flooding down here now.. But that's Australia for you - burning one day, flooding the next and snowing in summer the day after.. All normal.. :)

    Adrian from Australia

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