"Muvpn-ipsec 'WG IKEv2 MVPN' is already in use." when reconfig of mobile vpn ikev2

Because I couldn't make mobile vpn IKEv2 work on Windows (it didn't receive a default gateway and had a /32 mask)

I decided to reconfigure the firewall to make sure I had the default WG config to start with.
I deactivated IKEv2, saved and then tried to reactivate it (or launch the wizard). But I always get the message "Muvpn-ipsec 'WG IKEv2 MVPN' is already in use."

I already have ipsec and ssl muvpns in use; and have 2 IKEv1 and 1 IKEv2 bovpns.
Is the message related to that last bovpn?
And how can I reactivate IKEv2 muvpn?

This is on a M200, OS v12.5.2.B609628



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    If this is using the Web UI, try using WSM Policy Manager instead to do this.
    Otherwise, open a support incident on this to get help from a WG rep in resolving this.

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    In WSM Policy Manager I saw my original config wasn't deactivated. So I reconfigured it there and now I can see it in the Web GUI too.

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