watch guard not Identifying users after windows 10 upgrade

Have an issue where ever since I upgraded my pcs from windows 7 to windows 10 polices are not being applied. It looks like watchguard is not recognizing the user logged into the pc so is not matching to a group and is not applying the right policys.


  • My business uses Windows 10 PCs and a Windows Domain. I assume that you are using SSO. Are you relying on the Event Log or using the SSO client?

    Adrian from Australia

  • eventlog but did try the sso. also created a policy that denied everything for this group as a test and they just went straight through also created group in ad of machines, added to policy and still goes through. checked that the coms with the ad is working. I do have another site with win10 machines and have no problem there the only difference is that on the second site none of the win 10 machines were upgrades where the site I'm having trouble with all the machines were upgrades.

  • customer as asked to hold off as upgrading firewall

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