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I would like to set up a separate network for tablets in out trucks with their own IPs. i'm told I need a vlan but I don't understand how to set that up. Is there a step by step on this somewhere?


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    edited February 2020

    To separate this traffic your need
    1) a VLAN capable access point for the area where your trucks are, and this AP needs to connect to a VLAN capable switch whic is connected to your firewall
    2) a separate AP for this traffic which is connected to a VLAN capable switch or is connected directly to an unused firewall interface

    Do you have either of these capabilities?

    What AP brand & model do you have?

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I use ubiquiti to manage my wifi access points. I have a cloud key here at the office and access points throughout the facility but I cannot physically separate the network traffic as there is only one wire between office and truck shop etc

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    So are these APs VLAN capable?
    If so, do they connect to a VLAN capable switch?
    You need both

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    the aps are manage by a "cloud" key which plugs into the network up here. does each switch from here to the shop need to be configured with a vlan to carry the traffic? I'm sure they are vlan capable. (my apologies I'm new to the vlan deal)

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    Yes, everything from and including the AP would need to be VLAN capable.

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    ok this is helpful, I think I need to talk to our phone supplier, they put in the switches and I'm betting they have us on a seperate vlan

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    I also use UniFi wireless access points and they are VLAN capable.You also can post questions in the UniFi community (https://community.ui.com/tags/unifi-wireless) for UniFi-specific issues. The gist is what Bruce noted: VLAN switches throughout, VLAN for the truck SSID, and a VLAN on the Firebox. The UniFi community has some good tutorials about using VLANs with their products.

    Gregg Hill

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