Battlenet Games will not download

So I am a beginner in terms of WatchGuard firewalls. I am a college student in information security and purchased a WatchGuard t15 firewall to get some experience with an unfamiliar interface. So the issue I am running into is when I try to download games from the battlenet launcher specifically. I have not run into this issue on any other game launcher. I have tried to port forward the ports listed on the blizzard website but I have not had any success. What happens exactly is the game will download fine for about 10 minutes then error out. I keep restarting the download until it is almost completely done but then it halts when it just has kilobytes to go. I haven't been able to find a solution anywhere online and was hoping that someone could help me out on these forums.


  • Sorry if this seems completely irrelevant but it is an issue that I just cannot solve

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    Most of us do not download games from where-ever.
    How can we reproduce your problem?
    Anything obvious in Traffic Monitor related to this ?

    For the record:
    . what XTM version is on your firewall ?
    . are you running the default config or have you added policies ? If so, have you added any proxy policies? If so, details please.
    . have you registered your firewall on the support site and then imported your license key into the firewall ?

    If you have a current LiveSecurity license, you can open a support incident and get help from a WG rep. They can look at your firewall logs & config and make recommendations on changes.
    Select the Support Center button at the top right.
    Click that, sign in if needed, scroll down to near the bottom and click on Create New Case

  • Also, on what platform are you running the battlenet launcher ?

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