TDR Client doesn´t update through a separate proxy

Dear TDR User

we are having problems updating the tdr clients on windows.
Yes they are auto updating, but this doesn´t work very well in our construction.

The traffic from our windows clients goes through a seperate proxy appliance and after that trough a Firebox to the internet.
Every windows client has the proxy setting in the IE settings (including execptions) and as systemproxy setting (including execptions).
The automatically generated rule on the Firebox for the TDR Taffic is enabled and works fine.
But not every client with the tdr client installed can connect to the Firebox directly.

I figured out, that only road warrior notebook clients will update the tdr client when they are at home in their own net with a simple DSL box as firewall connected to the internet.

I´ve never seen any Watchguard TDR traffic on our separate proxy appliance.
Is it possible to set up the TDR client to connect through the seperate proxy appliance to get any updates ?


  • Ricardo_ArroyoRicardo_Arroyo WatchGuard Representative

    Good afternoon lwochos. I am curious to know, other than the auto-update, are you having any other connectivity issues between the Host Sensor(Client) and ThreatSync(Cloud)? Specifically when you browse to the TDR Dashboard from the Portal, do your Hosts behind the third party proxy show as available(Green up arrow) in the UI?

    Ricardo Arroyo | Principal Product Manager / ThreatSync Guru
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

  • Hello Ricardo,

    i checked the TDR Dashboard and all clients connected through the third party proxy are shown red "Status: Unavailable".


  • Hello,
    just an info.
    TDR 5.8.5 and 5.8.6 now works through the 3rd Party Proxy Server.


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