Google Docs - Voice Typing - Doesn't Work with HTTPS Inspection

Voice Typing (speech to text) doesn't work correctly in Google Docs in the Google Chrome browser.

I believe I have whitelisted the following google domains correctly as described by this article: https://support.google.com/a/answer/2589954

Expected behavior: you press the microphone button in Google Docs, and when you start speaking, the text immediately shows on the document.

Current behavior at school behind firewall: you press microphone button and speak, but nothing shows on the document until you press the microphone button to stop. Then all of a sudden, the words show up.

In my HTTPS proxy action rule set, if I disable or uncheck my INSPECT rule for www.google.com, then Voice Typing will work correctly. But I want to continue to inspect that traffic at my K12 school.

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