wifi country is unkown

I see the wifi country is unknown. Firebox has internet access. the article below does not apply, there is no "Downlaod button" in WSM, there is no Wireless statistics in Web interface


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    What firewall model do you have and what XTM version is it running?

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Sokratis

    The firewall uses the Livesecurity servers to locate where you are -- in the Policy manager you have to click the button to download that data from the firewall, but since the WebUI maintains a connection, there's no need to press a button to get that data.

    Make sure that you've specified a DNS server under Network -> Interfaces -> DNS/WINS tab. If the firewall can't resolve domain names it won't be able to find region.

    If it still doesn't work, I'd suggest opening a support case (use the support center link on the top right of the page) so that one of our support representatives can help.

    Thank you,

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    hi Bruce,
    i have M200 12.5.1 version
    DNS are configured
    The download button does not exist, i see a button "View available channels"
    i click on that and radio 2.4 now is showing my country, i believe the article is not updated

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    I'm running a beta version - 12.6.1.
    I do see the Download button in Policy Manager.
    No idea why you don't on your version.

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    edited February 2020

    I fiigued out what is happening. Every time i restart the Access points , they do not find the country. Country is Unknown. I have to go manually and click the button "View available channels" and the country changes to Greece.
    So, what shall I look for country to be found automatically? check the attached imaga, Download button does not exist...

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    I just ended up seeing exactly what you are seeing.
    Country Unknown.
    Then I needed to select View available channels to get the Country of Operation to report United States

    Time for a support incident on this.

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    edited February 2020

    Another point - the link that you posted in your 1st post - is not for WGC, but is for Wireless for W model firewalls which have built in wireless.

    I have a W model and an AP, so I can see both GWC and Wireless.
    The Download button is only for Wireless.
    I see your issue for an AP.

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    ok thanks

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