Tips on formatting your discussion post

Gill_McDonaldGill_McDonald WatchGuard Representative

There are two ways to apply format changes to the content you post in WatchGuard Community:

• Standard text editor included in Community

• Markdown – An easy way to style text on the web that lets you control the display of the document. Click here

When you include log messages in your post, it is important to separate the log text from the rest of your text so that it stands out. For example you may consider moving the log message into its own paragraph and applying the Bold (** **) style to differentiate the log message from the rest of the text in your post:

2018-06-12 11:23:37 networkd ifm_failover_light_update: modem not present and all_active 1, modem_active 0 Debug

2018-06-12 11:23:37 networkd ifm_failover_light_update: failover mode and primary state 1 Debug

This helps differentiate the log line from the rest of your text.

Note: Be careful when you choose to include log messages. Review each log message to make sure it does not contain any confidential or sensitive information (your company IP address, domain information, user names, authentication details, etc.)

Gill McDonald | WatchGuard Representative
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