RapidDeploy behind another firebox

Can anyone tell me the protocol/ports Rapid Deploy uses? We have shipped a replacement/upgraded firebox to a client but they need to have the new one programmed before decommissioning their old firebox. The only way we could see them doing this was to connect Port 0 of the new box to their LAN, which has DHCP and internet access (but via another firebox). I'm assuming it does not matter that this will be a NAT'd connection. Once the replacement is programmed, they can do a "quick swap". We can't use the CSV method to configure their hard-coded external IP, because they cannot have the downtime of unplugging their old box from their only internet connection.
Hope that makes sense.


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    I realize this is a late comment, we do this all the time on our test bench when training techs and it works without incident (Firebox behind a Firebox). Co-incidentally why did you not just download the current Firebox config and upload it into the new device prior to shipping it to the customer ?

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