T50-W: cannot edit or remove VPN users

Good Morning,

we own a Firebox T50-W with version 12.3.1.B585922 and currently we're not able to edit or delete VPN users under Authentication > Users and Groups menu item.
We can add users but when we try to delete or edit them "Edit" and "Remove" buttons are disabled.

Under Authentication > Servers Firebox DB shows 0 users while we have way more than that.

Is there anything we can do about this problem?

Thank you,

                       Gianmaria Vitale

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  • To edit Firebox-DB users, you need to go to Authentication > Servers -> Firebox DB, and then select a user.
    For the 0 Firebox DB users issue, if you are using the Web UI, try using Watchguard System Manager -> Policy Manager

  • That's exactly the menu item I use and when I select a user edit and remove buttons are disabled

  • It would seem that your config is messed up somehow.
    Are you using the We UI ????
    If so, try using Policy Manager.
    If you have an active LiveSecurity license, open a support incident.

  • I'm using Web UI, do you mean Watchguard System Manager 12.5.2 ?

  • Yes.
    12.5.2 is the latest version of Watchguard System Manager, and it should be able to manage your firewall version without issues.

  • I can remove and edit users with WSM but at the time of upload it asks for the feature key which just expired.
    Does feature key's expiration keeps you from editing users?

  • Hi,
    thank you very much it works now.
    Web interface is seriously buggy though, it shows inconsistent data compared with WSM.

  • The Web UI may well show the Firebox-DB users correctly now that you have saved the config from WSM Policy Manager.

  • I found the correct Web UI for the procedure to be: Authentication>Servers>FireBox-DB (assuming for SSL VPN function)
    I could then highlight a user, edit, or remove them just fine. The instructions pointing to Users and Groups did not work for me at all.

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