CPU and Memory usage

Firebox M470 12.4

When I log into Watchguard Cloud the device summary shows my CPU usage at almost zero, but my memory usage is at 99%.
Logging into the web interface my CPU is almost zero with memory usage at 99% also.
When I look at the Front Panel in WSM the Load bar is not even registering.
Which display(s) should I trust, and if my memory is actually maxed out how do I install an upgrade?
I have less than 50 users, a couple BOVPN's, SSL Mobile VPN's and host several web servers. I also utilize DPI on my HTTPS proxy along with AV of course.

Would the DPI and AV use all my memory?

Thanks for any input.

  • Doug

It's usually something simple.


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    It sounds like all the displays are in agreement.
    Looking up my M400 stats now....

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    Per WG Cloud, my memory usage is also @ 99%

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    Firebox System Manager -> Status Report -> Memory Usage section shows the full memory details.
    Linux, like Windows, Unix, etc. manages memory, has a free memory pool, and when needed will free up memory pages which have not been referenced/used recently.
    You should not worry about a 90+ % memory in use, as memory not being used is not the best use of memory, and does not necessarily indicate that there is too little memory in a system.
    For devices which have a hard disk, when there is too memory installed for the needs of the applications being run, there will be a high level of paging which will be impacted by speed of the hard disk. In those cases, either more memory and/or a faster disk or a SSD, will improve throughput, sometimes dramatically.

    You can learn more about virtual memory management in Linux, here:

    My T35 is showing 89% memory used in WG Cloud.
    My FSM Status Report: memfree / memtotal = 95%

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    RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative

    Hello Brian,

    Graphs currently only show Free Memory which isn't accounting for allocated but available memory. We're working on addressing this in the near future.

    Here's an excerpt from the user guide that explains memory usage in a bit more detail.

    "...To understand how much available memory your Firebox has, review these memory statistics, available in the Status Report:

    MemTotal This is the total amount of memory available on your device.

    MemFree This is the amount of memory that is not reserved or currently in use.

    Buffers This is the amount of memory the Firebox has reserved for temporary use by all Firebox processes.

    Cached This is the amount of memory that is reserved by device processes, but not currently in use. A high Cached value does not indicate a memory problem.

    *A low MemFree value does not indicate a problem with Firebox performance or resources. The total available memory for the Firebox is the combined value of MemFree, Cached, and Buffers......"

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