Has anyone got SSL VPN to work on a Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

Hi All,

I'm struggling to make the SSL VPN client work on a MAC. It's working for Windows users but i cannot get the connection to complete on a MAC. It just says it is connecting but never finishes. I'm on Fireware 12.5.2 (B606155) in a HA cluster. I've installed MACOS client 12.5.2 (606431). I'm signed onto the Mac as a Administrator account. I initially tried as a normal user on the mac but it kept failing unable to get connection file from server. So I've uninstalled it and logged in as the admin account, reinstalled again. I now get past the initial login stage, but all it does is say connecting, in the status of the icon along the top of the screen. The logon window disappears after a brief display of the connecting panel, and i just see the flashing W icon. The properties just shows Not Connected and all the fields are blank so I do not believe it ever gets fully connected.
The user I'm signing into the Firewall as, works on a Windows PC so I know the account should be OK.
both PC and Mac machines are on the same local network so it cannot be a global issue.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to get it working?
I'm a bit of a novice when it come to Apple Mac's.



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    I've got the VPN set as SHA-256/ AES 256 on default channel. Authentication via AD Domain using AD groups. If this helps?

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    I raised this as an issue and found a problem with the users ~/Library/Watchguard/Mobile VPN/ directory permissions. Because I installed the watchguard software while the user was signed in and used a local administrator level id to install. I suspect it adds the Admin account to the permissions for this folder. I had to use Get Info from Finder and added the user to have read write permissions before the client could connect.
    But my test user still could not get passed the connecting.... stage.

    I think I've now found an issue with the characters used in the users password. My test account contained a £ symbol (Pound). If the password has this symbol then it appears to hang when connecting. I changed the password to remove this symbol and it connected.

    I hope this helps someone if they get the same issues on an Apple Mac.

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    edited January 2021

    Same problem here after upgrading to 12.6.3. In my case it proceeds through the usual connection/auth process, but finishes with "disconnected" on login screen status. Downgrading to 12.5.3 in my case resolved the problem. 12.6.3 seems to work fine on our Mojave and Catalina installs.

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    For the record - downgrading from what version back to 12.5.3 ?
    The OP was on 12.5.2.

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    @Bruce_Briggs said:
    For the record - downgrading from what version back to 12.5.3 ?
    The OP was on 12.5.2.

    Thanks Bruce. Updated the comment above to reflect the version information. MacOS version is also 10.13.6. I have a ticket open with WG so they can track.

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