Content Inspection and Office 365

We are using ver 12.5.2 on a T35. Full content Inspection is turned on and I am using the predefined CI exceptions.

Is there any magic in getting the O365 web email to work with Content Inspection turned on?

Our users (only when when using Chrome) cannot get past the Office365 login page to their email. It just sits blank at login.microsoftonline.com screen.

If they use IE or Edge it works fine and they can get their email. I know this doesn't make sense. But when I turn off Content Inspection everything works in Chrome as well.

I looked at the error logs for these workstations and everything is green. Not one red entry in the logs.

Also I even tried disabling the browsers QUIC expermential extensions. That also didn't work.

Any help is appreciated.



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    Since this is your 2nd post on this issue with no responses to your 1st one, consider opening a support incident on this to get WG help on getting this resolved.

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    OK, I will Bruce. I posted it again because it was posted in the wrong forum originally. I couldn't figure out how to delete the old one.

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