How to monitor an active passive cluster with check_mk

Watchguard-Fireware-Version: 12.5.1

Check_MK-Version: Enterprise 1.6.0p6
Target: Firewall cluster with 2 members via SNMP
Rule: Clustered services set up: Services: Interface, PING $

Hi there,

the cluster is set up so far in check_mk. The problem is that no ping is possible to the passiv cluster member.

What is the best way to proceed here to monitor both cluster members?

Thank you in advance!

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    Thank you Bruce!
    I´v done it allready und will upldate this thread.
    Best regards,

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    Dear Christian,

    the passive member should answer also to pings.
    However, the passive member has no routing table active, so you may only see the passive cluster member answering a ping from the local network. If you are using a TRANSIT network to core switch and are routing on the core switch, you will have problems seeing those answers.

    you might dig into SNMP requests - there are some SNMP OIDs which you can ask on the active cluster member where the status of the passive cluster member can be seen. (so at least you can ask member1 if he can communicate with member2, or if member2 would be idle or inactive).


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