QoS configuration

I have to configure QoS on Watchguard XTM515. This is first time when i'm doing this so i need a help. QoS is necessary to VoIP, Skype, MS Teams etc. always have stable connection and high speed.
Can you tell me step by step how to configure this correctly?

Thats what i did:
1. System > Global settings > Networking > Enable all Traffic Management and QoS features
2. Firewall > traffic management > Traffic Management Actions > Add > Name: skype > Type: Per policy > Max Bandwitdth: 0 > Guaranteed Bandwitdth: 1600 kbps
3. Network > interfaces > WAN > Advanced > QoS > Marking type: IP Precedence > MArking method: Assign > Value 5
4. Firewall > Policy > Name: Outgoing > From: My network, To: WAN > Protocol: tcp, udp > Ports: 0 , 0 >>> Application control: Global >>> Traffic Management > Forward action: skype > Reverse: none >>> Advanced > QoS > Marking type: DSCP > MArking method: Preserve > Value: 0 (best effort) > Prioritize traffic based on: custom value > Value: 5

Can you tell me what should i change in the configuration?

Kacper Piatkowski


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    If high incoming ISP traffic is the primary cause of your issue, you need to change Reverse: none to Reverse: Skype

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    Ok thanks. That's all or should i do something else?

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    What other traffic uses the Outgoing policy?
    This will apply to all traffic using the Outgoing policy.
    When possible, create specific policies for the traffic to which you want to apply guaranteed bandwidth.
    Unfortunately with Skype and some VoIP implementations one can't do this.

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