Why is there so much outgoing traffic shown on port 443

Looking at our firewatch, I see a lot of computers in our building that have a lot of outgoing traffic through port 443 to lots of different IP addresses. How can i prevent that? I can't just block 443 as we also have a mail and web server controlling our email and website.
I am testing one computer that i just turned on and opened no applications and still shows a lot of outgoing traffic.
Anyone have thoughts to this?

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    Appreciate your input. I checked quite a few IP addresses. They were very random. One of the computers was updated and it showed Microsoft. But still had several others.
    At one point there was quite a few to Verizon. Thought that to be strange as that was the computer that was just idle and nobody on it.

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    I did use netstat -b on mine. That will at least tell me the programs and helps identify some of the traffic. Like mine was mainly legitimate stuff
    Thanks for the answers

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