Novice needs help with blocked network printers

I have recently set up a franchise that required me to change to the T-15 watchguard. I have no problems with it except one. Randomly it blocks all network printing in my office. A person can print directly to their own printer, but not to a network printer at another station. This lasts for an hour or two and then starts working again. This happens randomly once or twice a week. Can anyone help me out with this?


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    If the printers are connected to the same firewall interface as the devices which are trying to print to them, then the firewall is not involved as the packet will go directly between the device and the printer.

    Are the printers connected to a PC or are the connected via an Ethernet cable to a switch?

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    They are all connected to PC's and then networked through windows. This problem never occurred till after I installed the firewall. It is the only common link. If it happened sporadically to one computer at a time then I would look at the individual computer. I also use a remote desktop to connect to a remote server software for my business. When the blocking is occurring it (the remote software company) is unable to connect or ping our printers from outside the firewall.

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    What is the subnet mask on the firewall interface to which your PCs are connected. /24 ?
    What subnet mask do your PCs have? /24?
    Do the firewall interface and the PCs both have the same subnet ?

    If the firewall is somehow involved, then you should see denies in Traffic Monitor when there are issues.

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