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Hello, I'm new to Watchguard but currently I'm managing a M200 device.

My problem is that accesing as administrator to web ui interface, I need to delete a specific user in AUTHENTICATION/ USERS AND GROUPS, but Edit/ Remove button is not enabled for none of them.

Which may be due?

thanks in advance


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    edited December 2019

    The instructions are right on that page:

    Users and Groups
    Define which users and groups from your third-party authentication servers to use in policies and aliases. Make sure the user or group name you add is the same as a user or group already configured on your third-party authentication server.

    If you configured the Firebox as an authentication server, Firebox-DB users and groups automatically appear in this list. To add, edit, or remove Firebox-DB users, select Authentication > Servers > Firebox-DB.

    Gregg Hill

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    Thanks Greggmh123 for reply,

    In this sense I have a bug. In Users and Groups I see 4 users in firebox-db; When I go to Authentication > Servers > Firebox-DB, there are only three users except the one I need to remove...

    where can this user be hidden?


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    What other Auth servers are set up in your config ?

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    In Users and Groups, what auth server is indicated for this user ?

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    If it's an admin user, look at System > Users and Roles, although I don't see my admin users in the Authentication > Servers > Firebox-DB list, so I don't know what type of user you have. I think Bruce is on to something!

    Gregg Hill

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    Authentication Server is Firebox-DB for all users. there are two groups created (by system I think) L2TP-Users and PPTP-Users, but these groups only contain to these three users.

    In Servers TAB there are defined five servers (Firebox, RADIUS, SecurId, LDAP and Active Directory) all of then disabled except Firebox.

    I've reviewed all of these disabled groups, but no users are defined or joined to them.

    In System > Users and Roles, there are three system users (admin, status and wg-support) but not the one I want to remove....

    Is it possible to attach you a screenshot for more clarity?


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    You can paste a link to a screen shot which you have uploaded to an upload site, such as imgbb.com

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    My guess is that either this is a bug in the Web UI or there is something messed up in your config.
    If you see the same thing using WSM Policy Manager, then it is likely a messed up config.
    If a messed up config, your best option is to open a support incident.

    Other than that, you can edit the config .xml file with an editor such as Wordpad or Notepad++, and search for the userid of issue.
    You can get the .xml file using Policy Manager, which will also allow you to upload a modified config file to your firewall.
    In the config file, there should be an auth-group entry with that userid, and probably other entries with that userid too.
    Shoud you make any changes to the config file be sure to save it with a different name so that you always have

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    Hi Bruce_Briggs

    thanks for your comments, in fact, I see the same in Policy Manager so I'll open a support incident.

    thanks again and have a merry christmas

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