Evaluating Authpoint

I'm currently evaluating Authpoint as our MFA solution. Having read the docs, I have questions.

  1. We are using Azure AD Connect to sync our on prem users to Office 365. We have SSO in place also. Does Authpoint support this ? I don't have a federated domain (ADFS) but only syncing to office 365 with Azure AD connect. I do not want to federate the domain and add servers internally. Will I still be able to do SSO with Authpoint to Office 365 ?

  2. Are Yubikeys compatible with Authpoint ? Do I need to have the user type in a code from the key or can I have a key plugged in so that the authentication is transparent ?

  3. Is there a way to roll out the solution to Office 365 without being all at once ?

  4. Can I build policies in the Authpoint portal based on AD security groups or simple groups we create in Authpoint ?



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