Dead Ethernet Ports?

I've seen this happen on two different generations of Watchguard products now and am wondering if watchguard hardware is extra sensitive or what?

Our xtm22w one day had an ethernet port stop working--no link and no activity. The port would still show up under interfaces but would indicate that it was down (it was configured and in use when it died). Finally we just disabled it and used another port.

We upgraded to an m200 two years ago. And in the last 4 months, 4 ports have died--each one exhibiting the same issue we saw on the xtm22w. Even more strange, on one of the dead ports the link light is permanently on even when there is no cable. We have lost half the ports on this device!

What has everyone else's experiences been like with dead ports? Have you ever seen this on any of your hardware?


  • I never had this happen on my many WG firewalls - large or small models.

  • "We upgraded to an m200 two years ago." I hope you bough tit with three years of Live Security or Total Security! Would that cover it under RMA?

    Gregg Hill

  • @Greggmh123 said:
    "We upgraded to an m200 two years ago." I hope you bough tit with three years of Live Security or Total Security! Would that cover it under RMA?

    Unfortunately, we only had 1yr support included. And the problem only started a few months ago so it is outside of current support. It seems that getting the support renewed will cost more than a new box from the research I've done so far. :( Not sure if we just won't get a fortigate instead if this is the case.

  • I forgot to mention something odd that happened over the weekend as I was attempting to diagnose an IPsec tunnel that wouldn't come up.

    After checking logs on both sides and seeing that there was no communication in phase 1, I checked that particular external connection being used for the bovpn and saw that it was looking okay in interfaces (up with dhcp ip). This didn't match what the logs were saying on both sides, so I decided to reboot the M200 via the webui.

    After the unit came back up, the external connection I checked earlier was now showing down. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and it still never came up, so I went to see the physical unit. The port's LEDs were not acting correctly as the activity light was on and flashing, but link was not. Considering this could be a cable or cable modem issue, I used another cable to simply connect that port to a dumb switch and got the same results. So it seems like this port started having problems after a just reboot?

    On a whim I connected the cable modem to its original port that died a few days ago and it had full link and activity! What?! I checked interfaces and it showed as up. I configured the bovpn to use that external interface and the tunnel came up and has been up for a day now without any issues.

    So now I'm dumbfounded. What is going on?

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