Getting nowhere with IKEv2


Been using SSL VPN for mobile users for a while with no real problems.
Have just upgraded to a new M370 running 12.5 and am trying out the IKEv2 to see how it compares. Unfortunately I'm getting nowhere.

I've been through the configuration wizard as per the documentation but can't connect no matter what I do.

I've tried Windows 10 and iOS, both inside and outside the local network. In all cases it fails immediately with a variety of errors, ranging from "IKEv2 credentials" errors to simply "Can't connect...".

I have no idea where to even start in diagnosing this.

With the SSL VPNs, I'm using both RADIUS with Duo 2FA and also Firebox-DB users, both of which work flawlessly. I've tried both with IKEv2 and neither work at all.

One thing I did notice was that the wizard doesn't seem to actually create a policy to allow IPSec traffic in from the outside world - am I misunderstanding something or should I be adding that myself? I did try adding an IPSec packet filter policy but the results were the same.

Any help appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out.


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