Is there a way to programmatically access DHCP leases report?

I am designing a guest network for the customers of my company.

We have a separate internet connection for employee break/customer usage. We have a seperate VLAN for public usage on the Watchguard with DHCP being provided by the VLAN interface. We are using a Ubiquiti access points with a captive portal I've written in PHP. I would like to grab the MAC address and Hostname of DHCP clients before authenticating them on the network.

Trying to get the DHCP table from the CLI command show status-report does not work as the php implementation of SSH2 just hangs before the WG> prompt. I tried to download it via curl but I can't authenticate because it always returns "This resource can be found at https://*:8080/a

Is there anyway to access this info from the Watchguard without using the system manager or webui? Or a way to set up a DHCP helper address so I can have DHCP without having to put a server on the public subnet?


  • Ricardo_ArroyoRicardo_Arroyo WatchGuard Representative

    Good morning kmstrube81. Both Dimension and WatchGuard Cloud Visibility have a "DHCP Lease Activity" report you can generate on a Scheduled basis.

    Ricardo Arroyo | Principal Product Manager / ThreatSync Guru
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

  • Thank you for your response. I think in my case setting up DHCP relay on the vlan interface is my best plan of action.

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