1-to-1 NAT over Mobile vpn?

I've got customer with an external consultant connecting to their network using mobile vpn. Unfortunately the consultant is on a network using the exact same subnet and the consultant needs to access a server with an ip that exists on their own network. What's the best way around this?


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    How many IP addrs at the customer's site does the consultant need to access?
    If just a few, and if they do not have the same IP addr as the local server, then I would expect that a Mobile VPN with IPSec group for this consultant with the specific IP addrs or addr ranges needed to be accessed in the Allowed Access list would work.

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    That's just the problem. The consultant only needs access to one server, but the same ip exists on their local network.

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    I am not aware of any VPN client solution to your problem.
    Changing the IP addr at 1 end or the other is the only solution that I know of if both devices need access at the same time.

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    Would using the SSLVPN with all traffic forced through the firewall tunnel work?

    Gregg Hill

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