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We manage a bunch of Watchuard firewall for our customers.
We often see on this managed Watchguard that AP (From AP100 to AP420) lose Approval from Firewalls.

This AP have a dedicated VLAN Management, and VLANs for SSID . Network communication is correct, we just have to use the tool "Marks as approved", and everyting is right .

Anyone has the same problem or have an idea of the source of problem ?

Thanks !



  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @benoit_vannier

    Some of the older firmware versions for the firewalls do have issues with managing APs, but these have since been resolved. Without seeing logs, or the specific situations, about the only advice I can give is to ensure you're on the latest firmware for both the firewalls and APs.

    If your issue persists, I'd suggest opening a support case so that the support team can help.

    Thank you,

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • Being late to the discussion;
    this apparently isn't a new issue and it's still an issue with more current firmware/fireware.

    This past year we upgraded from 2-XTM 515's to a M370 while adding several more AP's.
    I've been noticing that on a semi regular basis our AP's go "not trusted". It also is random as far as which ones do that, it's not always the same ones each time. It could be the older ones (AP200's) or one or more of the newer ones (AP325). The strange thing is we have 3 - AP120's that since I've been keeping track (Jan.2021) have never gone 'untrusted' and 1 - AP325 v8.5.0-658 that has never gone 'untrusted'.

    Currently: WSM 12.6.2 / FSM 12.5.4
    AP120 ver 8.8.3-12 (x3)
    AP200 ver (x3)
    AP125 ver 10.0.0-124.1 (x1)
    AP325 ver 8.5.0-658 (x4)
    AP325 ver 10.0.0-124.1 (x1)

    I'm going to start a new thread for this; just thought I'd add this comment.

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