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we're using HTTPS-content inspection for a while and there a lot of configuration and whitelisting needed, as many websites won't work without! since I can't see anything in my logs, if any sub-websites are tracked for needed data, it's a huge effort to get all the needed data from the browser using the developer tools.
Is there no way to log the https traffic to show which websites fail with content inspection?



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    edited November 2019

    You can select the "Log" option on the Action -> Inspect setting on your HTTPS proxy action.
    You can select General Settings -> "Enable logging for reports" on your HTTPS proxy action.

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    Hi Bruce,
    thanks for your answer; yes, but then my logs are flooded with allowed packets which are not relevant. I don't see any blocked access to subsites: e.g. accounts.firefox.com won't work with content insp., even if I put *.firefox.com in exception list, as the site also need access to *.mozilla.net (which is quite obvoius in this case, but other sites have multiple subsites which is har to "try and error" to check...)
    I'm not sure if I made my point clear...

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    The sites don't get blocked - they just don't work.
    So you do need to log the Allows, to find out what is being accessed.
    One does see various SSL Errors, Peer certificate preverify failed, etc. which can indicate a problem site.

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    OK, will try that; many thanks!

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