Office 365 SAML - Have to enter username twice

I'm currently testing Office 365 SAML integration with AuthPoint, I've followed the published integration guide and have it all working, however there is one bug bear.

When logging to Office 365 (https://portal.office.com) I have to enter the username twice, once on the Microsoft login UI, after which redirects to the WatchGuard login page where i have to re-enter the username again.

Is this expected behavior?
Is there a configuration that can change this?

Any ideas?


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    wondering if you have found an answer ?

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    I opened a case regarding thisand it is listed as a bug/enhancement request in late April, but have not gotten a reply yet (Case #01369741 if you want to talk to support about it)

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    This is behavior that any app that uses SAML for office does.
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    Any SAML resource handing off authentication to Authpoint would have to pass the email address. I have setup a few SAML integrations with Authpoint and I would have expected some of them to pass the email address entered to the Authpoint authentication. I think they are not looking for one and therefore users have to enter it twice.

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