Maybe there is a way to adjust this but why do they crowd the 2 sides of the interfaces right up against each other? You can hardly tell what is connected to what. They need to left justify the left interface and right justify the right interface to spread the lines out.
Of course a redo of the entire interface that I've used for 20 years wouldn't be bad either.


  • Options

    You can fully adjust the lower pane column widths in HostWatch, so you can expand the Source and Destination columns to suit your visual needs.

    There is also the Align Text Setting option which separates the IP addrs/host names text in the upper pane for each of the 2 interface sections.

    In the upper pane, hovering your mouse over a connection icon in either interface section will highlight the connections to/from that IP addr/host name.

    Perhaps one of these options will help.

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