Unable to access the Block IP list via Web UI or WSM

T50 running FW 12.5 - full managed in WSM server

For some reason I am unable to manage the block list on this device. When I go into WSM it just says refreshing and never loads. Occasionally I see the reconnect bar in the top right blip now and again also. In WebUI same thing. Circle in the top right indicating loading but it never loads. The only way I can remove a block is to turn it off and dump the whole list then re-enable it. Not very convenient at all. Any ideas? Works fine on my other 2 fully managed devices (T10 and M200). Really seems to be isolated to this one T50.


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    Best to open a support incident on this, as it seems to be a problem on just this one firewall.
    Could be some sort of corrupted config.

    From where is it fully managed? WSM Server or Dimension?

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    WSM server at a remote location (my office)

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    If it is fully managed, then you should not be able to modify the config using the Web UI. You can only modify it using Policy Manager invoked from WSM server.

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