WatchGuard T15-W and VLANs with a LinkSys switch??

Anyone have experience with a linksys LGS318P switch and creating VLANs for WG AP120? Having lots of troubles getting VLANs to work.


  • No experience - but what is your issue?

  • WG Firewall set up with VLAN10 (private) and VLAN20 (public). Can't get the tagging/untagging configured so the AP120 can support a private wifi on VLAN10 and a public wifi on VLAN20. The switch management VLAN default is 1 untagged on all ports on the switch. Contacted LinkSys and the tech support person said LinkSys VLAN processing is opposite of VLANS on NetGear or Cisco equipment? Looking to confirm that statement along with any suggestions on LinkSys VLAN setup.

  • What does your VLAN Membership Setting show for the ports of interest ?

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