Self Service password reset for mobile VPN users

Hey Guys,

We're in the process of setting up some mobile VPN accounts for a client and they want to know if there's a self service password reset function for mobile VPN accounts.

I'm not sure & I can't find any clear information online so I thought I'd try posting here.


Korak Aziz


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    There is no current ability to allow this.
    In some senses allowing this could be considered a significant security issue, should the user's VPN userid/password get hacked.
    Also, there could be significant issues depending on which auth server type you are using, especially an AD or a RADIUS server.

    If this is an important issue for you, consider posting for this ability on the Firebox - Product Enhancements section:
    And indicate indicate which auth server type that you are using.

  • Thanks mate! I'll do some digging & come up with an alternate solution.

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